Friday, August 1, 2008


My Grandpa used to say that on the first day of the month for good luck. I can't remember if he said it on the first day of the month with the letter "R" in the name of the month or without, so I just say it every month on the first. Rabbits!!

Since I last posted we've been busy with lots of rodeos, lots of sewing and lots of baking too. Today I'll talk about the rodeos.

It was probably destined for Brandon to love the cowboy life from the day he was born. Seeing as his Dad likes it so much! Brandon is completely obsessed with horses, cows, goats, boots, hats.... anything having to do with being a "real" cowboy. You probably already knew that though.

At church we had a little mini rodeo. The kids got to do some pretty fun stuff! They had a greased pig event and a kid even got to take home the pig! Pretty fun!! Brandon didn't really like having grease all over his hands, he took care of that though by wiping them off on his new shirt. Which by the way, he HAS to wear backwards because that is where the picture is and what good is a picture on your shirt if you can't see it?!

They also had a "get the ribbon off of the goat" event. I was thinking that the goat would be free to run around and the kids would chase it trying to get the ribbon off, but they just had the goat tied up. Brandon really liked doing this event, so much that he did it like 10 times. You know, OCD boy likes to do things over and over and over again, but only if he really likes doing it!

Poor Adam didn't get to do much, just sit and watch. Brandon also rode a calf, but my pictures didn't turn out too well because he was only on it for like 2 seconds, if that. I kind of actually missed it because it was so fast! He had fun though! We also went to the rodeo last night. War Bonnet Roundup to be exact. I forgot to bring my camera, it was really fun though! They even had a concert at the end. Collin Raye performed and he did pretty good! I didn't know he had so many famous songs! Tonight Brandon is going to be in the Little Buckaroo Rodeo here in Firth. He is participating in the Stick Pony race! It should be a fun night!! If it ends early we might even go check out the fireworks in Idaho Falls over at the big rodeo! Brandon loves fireworks.

We've also been catching lots of bugs. Crickets to be exact! He loves his hoppers! So far he's caught about eight of them. The first one he caught was sitting on his bed!!

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