Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Last Friday we went down to Okie's with determination to win! Todd thought he had it, he thought he for sure would win this contest. Here is his BEAST!!! It is a pretty huge burger!

He was pretty calm just sitting waiting for his food, the only worry was the guy way down at the other end of the line of guys getting ready to eat. He was a pretty big guy. But we thought for sure that he wouldn't be able to eat as fast as Todd.

Todd was getting ready! Crazy eyes and all!!! Then they called to start eating. Todd was doing pretty well. Holding his own. But for some reason, he couldn't quit get it down as fast as he was hoping for.

In the end, this guy, BIG CASEY, the 500 pound sumo wrestler out ate Todd. By like 4 minutes! This guy was amazing! He had the beast down within 5 minutes! If you go here to youtube, you can see him in action!! Todd was disappointed, but at least he lost to a huge sumo wrestler and not some girl! Todd did claim second place, but the prize was not nearly as good as first place! He got a $15 gift card to Okie's and a $10 gift card to Hot Diggety Dog, the place that holds the hot dog eating contest. The only hope for Todd next year is that Casey is probably going to be on Biggest Loser, so he won't be eating like that next year!! Good luck Casey!

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