Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Pin Cushions!!

I made these two fun pin cushions today! Don't you love this fabric? It is called Urban Farm and it is by Keri Beyer. I got it over at The Quilt Shoppe in Rigby! If you are local, you should go to this quilt shop! She has sooo many cute hip fabrics! By far my favorite quilt shop around here, simply because they have more of my style fabrics then the others do.

I made this one first, it has this on one side and then the black on the other side. I think I like the patchwork one better and will be making more of these for my etsy shop!

This was my first attempt at putting on a button, and I must say that is was really easy! Just don't tell my husband, because now he'll want me to sew on all of his popped off buttons. He used to always do it before. He's had lots of experience since serving his mission and having to fix his own clothes!

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