Monday, August 25, 2008

Catchin' Fish

Brandon loves to go fishing with his Daddy!! They go whenever they can, this was a fish that they caught one night.

They went up to a stream about 15 minutes away from our house one night at about 7 pm or so. When it was dark they came home with this big guy! He was 17.5" long! Pretty good for a three year old!

Brandon reeled him in all by himself! He's quite the fisherman!! He loves fishing and talks about it all of the time.

Look at Adam's first molar! Yay! That one was a pain in the butt to get in, but he's happy to have it now!


Roberta said...

Yay Adam! You have a molar!!! Tell your brother to quit giving you scratches.

Roberta said...

Yay Brandon! I like your pishy! Wanna come pish with gramma and papa? It'll be fun!