Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Beast!

**NOTE** Todd just told me that I was wrong about the time, he ate a quarter of everything in 36 seconds, not a minute and 26! sheesh!

If you don't have anything to do this Friday at 1:00 you should come on over to Okie's Burgers and Chili in Idaho Falls! Todd will be in "The Beast" competition. Whoever eats the beast (which is 20 oz. of meat plus the bread and all of the fixings and 1 lb. of fries) the fastest wins the loot! Every person had to pay $10 to do it, the max amount of people in it will be 10 and then Okie's will be doubling the money! So he could be winning $200! He did a test run the other day when he signed up and he ate a quarter of everything in a minute and 26 seconds! So, if goes that fast for the entire thing he'll be sure to win! Seeing as he's the current hot dog eating champ of Idaho Falls, I don't think he has much competition. It should be fun!!

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