Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Day at the Lake

Yesterday we went out to Rigby Lake and had lots of fun! When we first got to the lake Brandon had just woken up from his nap in the car and was really cranky. I had tried to get him in his swimsuit so he could go on the boat to fish with Todd, but he wasn't going for that. I finally lost the battle and got him changed back into his clothes. I was kind of sick of people staring at me because of my screaming child. So, we ate lunch first instead, which was probably the best choice. We had some peanut butter whoppers that Brandon really liked posing with.

Adam had some yummy oreo cookies. mmmm!! We also ate sandwiches, but the snacks were the favorite part of the kids!

Brandon started to warm up to the idea of possibly not wearing his clothes and changing into his swimsuit, but not before he ate a ton of whoppers.

Adam got extremely dirty, but was having a blast. I have no idea how that child gets so many dang scratches on his face. Must have something to do with having an older brother.

So, Adam got back at Brandon and grabbed him! Brandon didn't like that too much. But it was pretty funny.

Brandon finally got changed back into his swimsuit and had a blast swimming! Todd and his brother were in the boat fishing so I was on the beach with the kids. They also had their cousin Daniel to swim around with. But Daniel got distracted and stopped playing with Brandon, and Brandon went out a little too far. I looked over and he was kind of freaking out, going under every so often. So, without really thinking about it I went out to grab him about a second after I saw him. After all, I'm not about to let my kid drown! So, I saved my kid and got really wet in the process. I hadn't brought any extra clothes and all I was wearing were my jeans, so I had to change into Todd's shorts so that my jeans could dry out. Fun stuff! I would have been fine with that, but we also had to go to a birthday party later that night. I showed up in Todd's shorts. Pretty funny.

Adam didn't want to be left out of playing in the water, so he had some fun in the sun too.

All in all we had a pretty fun day and all day today Brandon has been talking about how he went swimming in the lake, but he didn't die. Kids are pretty funny. He really wants to go back again, hopefully we'll be able to go back before summer is over.

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Roberta said...

I'm glad he didn't die either! Looks like they both had fun!!!