Saturday, August 2, 2008

Superfly Lullabies

Superfly Lullabies is an awesome little etsy shop that has some amazing baby items! Check out this cute blankie! It has Amy Butler honeycomb fabric on one side and super soft minky on the other side! What little baby girl wouldn't love snuggling up with one of these!?

And wouldn't it be awesome if mom matched baby's blankie while out and about? Imagine all of the compliments they would get! This headband has Amy's honeycomb on one side and garden maze on the other side. It is perfect for the mom on the go!

This cute bib matches the blanket perfectly!! What little girl wouldn't love a bib that has minky on one side! Oh how this is making me wish I had a little girl! Those dang boys!

Your daughter would probably love her blankie so much that she would still be carrying it around once she is old enough to color, this crayon cozy with the same matching fabric would be perfect for carrying around all of her favorite crayons!

I asked Julie over at Superfly Lullabies a little about why she started making her cute creations, this is what she had to say.

"I started making my blankets & accessories for a few reasons: I was bursting with creative energy to the point I was about to explode, and seeing that I love fashion and to sew, it seemed very fitting that I make some fashionable accessories for Mums like myself, who wanted something other than pastels and bunnies to wrap their babes up in! The other major reason is that I'm the wife of a full-time student, trying to bring in some income for our little family of four while my husband completes his degree. It made more sense for me to find a way to stay at home & raise my kids than to work to pay a daycare to do it. "

I totally know what she means! Staying home with my kids is far better for them then staying at some daycare. So, when you get the chance, go check out Julie's shop, she has lots of cute blankies to choose from!

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