Thursday, July 17, 2008

Donation Quilt

We had a wonderful week with my mom. We went to the Zoo, to Bear World, and lots of quilt shops! Brandon was so sad to see her go, he really loves his gramma.

After she left yesterday he cried himself to sleep, poor little guy. He really misses not being able to see her as often as he would like to. While he and Adam took naps I started making this quilt! My mom and the women that she goes on retreat with are going to be making quilts to donate to the police department. That way the "Uncle Matt Guys" (that is what Brandon calls all policemen, since my brother Matt is one!) can give children quilts when they have been through something traumatic.

I used scraps from crayon cozys and travel size pillows that I have made in the past. It turned into a pretty cute quilt for fabric that I otherwise wouldn't have had any use for! Brandon really likes it since it has Lightning McQueen and dinosaurs in it! He kept saying that its his quilt, but I told him its for a little boy that doesn't have any quilts. He was happy about that!


Lori Jolley said...

Hey Kim! I found your blog! Love your quilts!

Roberta said...

That's a really cute quilt Kim! Is the border/sashing fabric one of the ones I brought with me? Any little boy would love that quilt!!! Thanks so much for putting it together to donate! I love you guys and miss you already. : (

Kim said...

Yeah, it is one of the fabrics you gave me. It has tiny little black roses in it that you can't really see that well, it "reads" as blue.