Friday, June 27, 2008

Not So Freshcut Quilt

Being highly inspired after a church activity where we decided to start a block of the month quilting group, I came home wanting to make my first quilt. I didn't really want to wait for the quilt of the month group to start, after all, who knows when that will actually be. So, I was looking through all of my fabric and online at a few different websites and decided to make this Heather Bailey Freshcut quilt. If you haven't seen her fabrics before, then you are missing out! I love them all and have a lot of them! Thanks Mom and Beth!! So, I started cutting out all of the fabric the next day. That was last Friday. I finished making all of the rough blocks (pre-sizing them to an actual block) that day! I loved it so far and couldn't wait to see it put together. Then Brandon wanted me to make his Cowboy Quilt, so I took a break from putting together the freshcut quilt to make the top for his quilt. Yesterday I got the freshcut blocks out and my new 12.5 inch square ruler thingy that I got so that I could cut my blocks out the right way. Only to find that my blocks weren't big enough to be cut out to 12.5 inches. Ugh! I followed the directions the way I was supposed to, but I guess I did something wrong. My blocks were only big enough to cut down to 11 inches square. So, that is what I did. They didn't come out perfectly all the same, but they all were 11 inches square. So, as I put them together the seams of the rows didn't match up like they were supposed to, but you know what?! I think I really like the way it turned out, even if it isn't exactly like the pattern. It has more character. So, my top is done and ready for me to figure out how I'm going to finish it. Brandon wanted to be in all of the pictures I was taking of the quilt this morning, so if you see any feet those are his.

Brandon looking oh so cute on the quilt!

The entire quilt top. It is a small lap quilt, it would be the perfect size for a little girl.

This picture didn't come out too well. The light is a little off and Brandon kept standing on the quilt so it was all wrinkly looking. Oh well!

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Roberta said...

I'm soooo proud! I never thought this day would come. Kim's making quilts!!! It's funny because we were just watching a home video of one christmas when you were about 8 years old and I gave you a little quilt kit of a potholder for kids . You rolled your eyes in disgust when you opened it. Classic!!!
Now you're creating beautiful quilts. I'm also so happy Brandon has such a love of quilts. He's a cute little model!