Tuesday, November 3, 2009


In no particular order (mainly because I don't feel like rearranging the pictures) here is what our Halloween looked like!

This was or trick-or-treating party! All of the cousins together trick-or-treating in Grandma Jane's neighborhood. Look at poor Adam's face!! He's so scared!! Most of his cousins had scary costumes that he didn't like all too well. The big one with the mask had to take off the mask after these pictures so that Adam could see that he was nice. poor guy.

Adam the dinosaur. He was trick-or-treating for his favorite candy, Whoppers! So when people asked what kind of dinosaur he was we would say the Whopper-saurus! He also was always the last to get his treats at the door, so people would always give him more, because he's cute and because he called all of the ladies Grandma. "thank you gama" cute.

Brandon the Spiderman! My mom cut out the eye holes to be bigger, but as you can see in the top pictures, he didn't even wear the mask when trick-or-treating, because he still couldn't see that well. But he carried his Spiderman head, his candy bucket.

Carving pumpkins that we grew in our garden!!

He's getting too big!!

And last, but not least, we had a visit from Grandma Berta!! And while she was here we made our haunted gingerbread house!! The boys had fun covering the roof in candy corn!

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Savana said...

I seriously can not stop laughing at poor Adam's terrified face in those trick or treating pics. Hahaha! Poor bebe!!!