Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Massive Cookie

I have a cute little 4 year old that likes to do things with his mama when his little brother is taking a nap.

Yesterday we were reading some books that we got at the Library. One of the books was called "Wild Boars Cook". He picked it out at the Library all by himself. It's a fun book about some really hungry boars that decide that if they want to eat a lot, they have to cook! And at the end of the book is one of the recipes that the boars cook, a Massive Cookie. So, we made the massive cookie. Here it is before it was baked, we thought it was massive then!!

Just look at it after it got out of the oven!! That thing was MASSIVE!! He had lots of fun reading the book (well, having mom read the book) to his brother and dad later that night before we ate it for dessert after dinner. It was really crunchy and really sweet, but it was fun to do and he had a blast! So, if your kids love books and like to bake with you, go and get "Wild Boars Cook" at the Library! We returned it today to the Shelley Library, so if you live out here, go snatch it up!!


Roberta said...

Hi Brandon! When grandma comes to visit, we should make a massive cookie! Will you teach me how? I can't wait to bake with you and play with you and pinch your cute little rosy cheeks! Ask Adam if he will teach me a new song. I can't wait to hear him sing and sing and sing! Love you!!!
Grandma : )

Anonymous said...

Great idea! Although I may have to take 2 of them, I have quite the appetite!


Anonymous said...

We love this book, but returned it to the library. I am trying to find an online copy of the recipe for the massive cookie.