Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Baking & Bear World

Earlier this summer we went up to bear world with my sister Savana when she came to visit. The boys had lots of fun seeing all of the different animals. Here is Todd and Adam getting up close and personal with a doe.

Adam checking out the pot belly pig that was way bigger than him!

And Brandon and Savana petting little baby goat kids! They were so cute! The duck wanted some of the action too! Or maybe it just wanted some of the food inside of Vana's hand!

Here is a raspberry peach cobbler that I made last night with the last of my fresh raspberries, thanks Lori! I just used my regular peach cobbler recipe and added in some raspberries. It was yummy!
And yesterday morning I made this buttermilk raspberry cake, with hopes of posting it on to But Mama, I'm Hungry! But before I could get a picture of it Adam did this to it! He thought it would be fun to dig his hands into it to get some to eat. It was yummy! You can find the recipe here.


Roberta said...

Looks like Adam thought it was super yummy! He's taking after his Uncle Matt except there's no frosting on the cake. You know how everything is better with butter? I've recently come to the conclusion that everything is better made with buttermilk too! Although I've never actually drank buttermilk, due to some sort of psychological aversion, I highly recommend baking with it.

Kim said...

I agree! I just keep the powdered buttermilk in my fridge so that I always have buttermilk. Or I sour the milk with some lemon juice or vinegar.