Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Karate Kid

These are for you Grandma Berta!

Brandon recently started taking Karate classes in Idaho Falls. He really loves it! These pictures are from his third class. We are hoping that Karate helps him to listen better and have more respect. He does still have a little trouble following directions during class, but he is getting a lot better!

LOL, this one makes me laugh! He is such a goofball!

I tell you what, it's hard to take pictures of this kid, he moves way too much!!

When he got home from Karate class yesterday we had The Karate Kid movie from Netflix in the mail! He watched it right when we got into the house!

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Roberta said...

Hey! It's Karate Brandon!!! Oh my goodness, isn't he the cutest little karate kid! Ha-Yaa!